Welcome to the

OMBE Roadmap

Keep up to date with the latest updates from OMBE, what we have planned and vote, share your ideas and feedback to help us create the programs and features you want from OMBE.

Please note: In order to meet our high quality standards, we may make changes to the roadmap at any time. This includes adding, removing or delaying features.


How do I submit an idea?

Click the Submit Your Idea tab at the top of the roadmap and fill out the form or look at recent submissions.

How do I give feedback?

Simply click on the feedback tab at the top of the roadmap and let us know what we are doing right or wrong. Constructive criticism is encouraged!

How can I find out more about a new feature?

Simply click on the feature card. We will try to add information to all new features so you can understand what is being planned.

How do I vote or comment on a feature? see the products?

To vote, simply click on the number in the bottom left corner of each feature. To write a comment, give feedback on a feature etc. Click on the feature card and click on the comments section.

When will my Idea show on the roadmap?

We review new ideas routinely. If we decided to develop an idea into a feature, or want more feedback about it, we’ll add it to the roadmap. Whilst developing features on the roadmap, we review all ideas related to help support the development.

Will I get a response back on my idea?

While we will review every idea and piece of feedback sent to us, you will only receive a response from us if we would like to find out more about your idea.

How do you prioritize ideas?

There are a number of things we consider when prioritizing features. These include but are not limited to: How important this is to surfers,How this connects with or supports the eaxisting featuresThe feature fits with our vision for OMBE

  • How important this is to surfers
  • How this connects with or supports the existing features
  • The feature fits with our vision for OMBE
How do I report bugs and issues here?

Bugs and issues should be submitted through the proper areas as those reports will get to us straight away and allow us to fix it quickly.For account and app issues, please email info@ombe.co. Issues can also be reported in app.