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OMBE exists as the space between knowledge and freedom. Connecting those who are curious about surfing with the ocean in an authentic, approachable and supportive way.

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The ocean is a life force that pulsates energy. Understanding and learning how to tap into a waves power zones makes surfing effortless.

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Being present in the moment, with a calmly focused mind. Simply feeling the pleasure of riding the wave. Surfing in the now, not worried about the future or the past.

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Doing less and moving with awareness and purpose. Movements are done with flow, balance and effortless grace.

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You surf a wave, not surf your board. Equipment is an extension of your body. You lead your board follows.

Messages from the OMBE Community

surf coaching testimonial Bob


As a 60+ year old trying to re-become a surfer, this training program has been fantastic! It has not only taught me about (finally) understanding the body positions that the best surfers use, but its also about the various types of land training that I can now work on to get better when I’m not in the water. If you want to get better, and if you want an integrated coaching program to teach you and inspire you, I can’t recommend this enough.
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surf coaching testimonial christina

Christina Antje Friedrich

Wow! This is the missing link in our surf universe! Not only is the presented content pure gold but the approach of openly sharing professional knowledge and uniquely wanting to create a world of better surfers is just next level!!! Thank you so much for your extremely open and generous approach. You're setting a new bar about how sharing works in the most unpretentious and professional way!
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surf coaching testimonial James

James Baik

I just completed my first week of the new 12-week program! I am an intermediate surfer and already I feel like I am re-learning the basics/fundamentals (S-Shaped Learning Curve ftw!). Clay, Ant, and the team do a fantastic job of explaining concepts - I particularly find it helpful when they act it out together. I also have found the OMBE community to be extremely welcoming and engaging. Keep up the good work and stay stoked!!
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