About OMBE

OMBE is a community of passionate surfers who are dedicated to helping others improve their surfing skills. The team is made up of experienced surfers, coaches, and instructors who have a deep understanding of the sport and a passion for sharing their knowledge with others.

At the heart of OMBE is a commitment to paying it forward and helping others to achieve their surfing goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to catch your first wave or an experienced surfer looking to refine your skills, OMBE provides a supportive and welcoming community where you can connect with other surfers and share your stoke.

OMBE's approach to surfing is all about celebrating the small wins and embracing the journey. By focusing on the core elements of surfing - Ocean, Mind, Body, and Equipment - and breaking down the sport into more easily understood concepts and movements, OMBE helps surfers of all levels to improve their skills and enjoy the sport more fully.

Whether you're interested in online training programs, one-on-one coaching, or simply connecting with other surfers in your area, OMBE offers a range of resources and tools to help you achieve your surfing goals and connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the ocean.

The OMBE Way

OMBE is a philosophy that guides the approach to surfing and life. It emphasizes the importance of slowing down, feeling more, and embracing challenges to improve and grow. By doing less but moving with intent, surfers can improve their ability to feel and react to the four core elements of surfing - Ocean, Mind, Body, and Equipment.  At OMBE we also value honesty in our feedback and community, even if it may be difficult to hear, as it is necessary for improvement to be honest with yourself and others. Ultimately, our goal is to help surfers enjoy the journey and embrace the learning process.

The OMBE Surfing Community

Our Values

1. Get uncomfortable

Surfing is all about pushing boundaries and challenging yourself to try new things. We encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks, whether that's trying a new maneuver, taking a new line or surfing in bigger waves. We believe that's where the magic happens and where you'll see the most progress in your surfing.

2. Community over competion

We believe that surfing is better as a community, and we encourage our members to support and uplift each other, rather than competing against one another. We want to create a space where surfers of all levels can come together, share their experiences and knowledge, and help each other improve.

3. Enjoy the moment

We believe that surfing is a lifelong journey, and the joy is in the process of improving and learning. We want to help our members embrace the journey, celebrate the small wins, and find joy in every session, regardless of the outcome.

The OMBE Surf Coaching Methodology

The OMBE surf coaching methodology is a holistic approach that helps surfers improve their skills by focusing on the four core elements: Ocean, Mind, Body, and Equipment. Developed by Clayton Nienaber, a professional surfer, shaper, and surf coach with over 35 years of experience, this method draws inspiration from various disciplines such as neuroscience, arts, sports, science, and psychology.

The approach emphasizes the development of feeling and movement rather than just doing numbers of repetitions. To progress in surfing, it is essential to break old habits and build small successes. The OMBE method encourages people to see, do, and feel the movements and apply them stress-free in the ocean. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers.

The OMBE approach to surfing emphasizes the importance of following the right order of importance and deconstructing your surfing using The OMBE Lens to see surfing more clearly. By focusing on the ocean first, surfers can sync their movements with the natural rhythms of the water. Next, calming the mind and removing tension in the body allows for executing maneuvers with ease and flow. Finally, selecting the right equipment amplifies movements and makes surfing even more enjoyable.

In summary, The OMBE surf coaching methodology offers a simplified and accessible approach to surfing, breaking it down into simpler concepts and movements that anyone can practice. By focusing on the four core elements and following the right order of importance, surfers can improve their skills, sync their movements with the ocean, and enjoy the flow state of surfing.

Progress your surfing

1. Ocean

The Ocean element emphasizes the importance of understanding and reading the ocean. It is essential to look at the wave and learn how to read it, as it dictates everything you do on the wave, from the line you take to the maneuvers you can do.

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2. Mind

The Mind element teaches you to take control of your fears and quiet the inner noise. By learning techniques to relax your mind, you can respond to the wave more effectively and make better decisions.

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3. Body

The Body element emphasizes feeling the movement and developing muscle memory. It is important to release tension from the body to move with more flow and style.

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4. Equipment

The Equipment element is the last thing addressed in the OMBE methodology. The board can either amplify or mute your movements, so it is important to choose the right board that complements your style and movements.

The OMBE Team

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