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A team of passionate surfers, paying it forwards and sharing their insights to improve your surfing and connect you with a community of surfers. It's all about sharing the stoke, celebrating the small wins and embracing the journey.

The OMBE Way

About OMBE - what is ombe

Slow down to speed up

When you slow down your mind and your body you create space allowing time to expand because you're in the moment. You're feeling it and you can react to it. Good surfing is about feeling more rather than the person who's stressing about what happened in the past or the person who's excited about what may happen in the future.

Do less, feel more

We don't teach you how to surf. We teach you how to move and we remind you how to move with feeling. We want you to take unique lines, to have fun with it, to be creative, to go play and just to enjoy yourself. To speed up your  learning process, you have to do less but move with intent.

Embrace the suck

We vow to always tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Now, we love surfing with so much passion and so much heart and soul, that when you give feedback to someone, they almost take it to heart, and it cuts deep and it hurts. But it's necessary to get this feedback to move on.

The OMBE Method

The ombe method book

OMBE is a continually evolving surf coaching methodology that breaks down 4 core elements of surfing: Ocean, Mind, Body and Equipment so that anyone can work on and refine each area to improve their surfing. The method draws inspiration from a diverse range of fields in neuroscience, arts, sports, science, psychology and related disciplines to break down surfing into more easily understood concepts and movements, with explanations that connect with the average surfer.

Primarily developed by head coach Clayton Nienaber who has over 35 years of experience as a professional surfer, shaper & surf coach that’s worked with some of the best surfers on the planet. The method has now grown into a global surf coaching practice that includes a wide range of instructors and coaches from various fields.

All programs and training classes focus on understanding and developing the feeling and movement, it's not about doing numbers of reps. To progress your surfing you need to break your dirty surf habits and start stacking small wins by:

Seeing it - Why, where, when and how to do it
Doing it - Land-based training to find the feeling
Feeling it - Go take into the water and have fun

Developed with the average surfer in mind, whether you're a beginner or advanced surfer, the method teaches you how to move, feel and understand those movements so you can apply them stress-free out in the ocean. It's about simplifying your surfing; doing less and feeling more.

The OMBE Team

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Anthony Laye
Proffesional Intermediate Surfer
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Clayton Neinaber
Founder & Head Coach
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Jeremy Dean
Founder & CEO
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Luke Hardacre
General Manager & Surf Coach
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Nico Palacios
Content Creator & Community Manager
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Yani Light
Content Creator
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