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About this training program

The first stopping point for anyone new to OMBE or wanting to dive deeper into OMBE. This outlines everything a surfer goes through so you can understand the struggles you are going through every surf or when you are trying to improve. This is all entirely free training and will guide you through giving a few quick wins to improve your surfing. If you want to improve your surfing, you first have to pay attention to the Ocean, read it and put yourself in the right place, then you must relax the mind, understand how to do manoeuvres and then allow your body to calmy do it without tension or limitations. Finally your board will either amplify or mute your movements and signals sent to it and you need to match the right tool for the right job. This program will also explain where to start with OMBE training if you are unsure.

Clayton Nienaber
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Program Trailer

Program Structure

Introduction to the OMBE Method

Easy Vs Hard

Knowing OMBE

You Already Know How To Move

What The FFF

3 Types Of Surfing + Line You Take

Your Surfing Journey

The S Curve

Embracing The Suck

Looking At Surfing Through The OMBE Lens

Exploring Skill Levels

Beginner S Curve

Intermediate S Curve

Advance S Curve

S Curve = Habit Stacking

Did You Meet The Outcome?

The OMBE Community

Slow Down To Speed Up

It's Easier With The Community


OMBE Starts With You

The OMBE Way





Method Overview

OMBE Method Overview

Surfing IQ

Land-Based Training

Breaking Bad Habits

Layers Of The Onion

Train with OMBE

Ocean = Oreo Biscuit

Mind Expectations

Body, Less Is More

Equipment, Surf The Wave Not The Board

Navigating OMBE

Navigating OMBE

Where To Start With OMBE

Overview Of The OMBE Programs

Beginner Program

Intermediate Program

Insiders Program - Monthly Challenge

What surfers are saying

💬 Surfers of all skill levels, age and board types getting better with the OMBE method

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