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The OMBE Method is all of our training philosophies and practices combined into a structured guide for you to follow. It highlights the fundamentals of surfing, how to overcome the pain points of the average surfer and breaks it all down into four aspects: Ocean, Mind, Body and Equipment.

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The OMBE Way


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The ocean is a life force that pulsates energy. Understanding and learning how to tap into a waves power zones makes surfing effortless.

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Being present in the moment, with a calmly focused mind. Simply feeling the pleasure of riding the wave. Surfing in the now, not worried about the future or the past.

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Doing less and moving with awareness and purpose. Movements are done with flow, balance and effortless grace.

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You surf a wave, not surf your board. Equipment is an extension of your body. You lead your board follows.

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Understanding comes before action

Improving your surfing can be difficult because the ocean is constantly changing. The first step in improving your surfing is improving your understanding of it.

By understanding how to read the ocean, adapt the right mental approach, how to move efficiently with your body and how this all connects to your equipment, your surfing will flow and you will begin to feel more every surf.

Learn to feel the movements

Through land-based training, you can start to work through the movements, simulating surfing, making adjustments and understanding the difference between good and bad technique. This gives you instant feedback, allowing you to build muscle memory and feel how the movements should feel.

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Learn to surf the wave, not your board

Take control of your equipment and stop fighting it. Understand all of the elements and functions of your equipment so you can use it to match the style of surfing you want and what you are working on in your surfing.

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