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Gear Recommendations: Bosu Balls

Everything you need to know about getting a bosu ball for some of the training within OMBE Surf and what we currently use.

The first and most important part is that it’s just called a bosu ball as Bosu was the first brand to make them and it stands for “BOth Sides Utilised” and is referred to as that blue half ball.


Any brand will do, you do not need to get a Bosu branded Bosu Ball.

What we look for in a bosu ball

We’ve tried a lot of different brands over the year and there isn’t a lot of difference between them all. We typically go for the middle price range, not the cheapest and no where near the most expensive versions. The main choice behind that is just looking for something of quality as we don’t want it to break quickly.

Where to get a bosu ball

Typically, we have found them in your generic department stores and online. In Australia, this is places like K-mart and Big W and they have good enough bosu balls. In the UK and Europe, Amazon has plenty of options that will suffice. Don’t stress over the finer details and find one that is just your generic middle ground bosu ball.

What bosu ball do we use?

Currently we have bosu balls from a generic department store. The top is a flat surface and plain. Some bosu balls will have different top surfaces and it’s up to you and your personal preference. All of them are roughly the same.


You don’t need to follow what we’ve done. Any bosu ball will do, just find the one that suits your budget.

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Luke Hardacre
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