surfers first aid kit
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Surfers First Aid Kit

If you are heading on a surf trip and looking to make sure you know what you're going up against, look no further than the Surf Indonesia First Aid Kits, specifically designed for Indo.

No one plans to get injured while surfing, but it’s good to know what you’re up against.

The most common injury

The most common injury you’re likely to experience when surfing is an impact on the bottom or with your board. Depending on the break, and the size of the surf, this can vary from a whole host of injuries ranging from reef cuts to lacerations. The best way to prepare yourself is through a few preventative measures such as ensuring you have a reliable first aid kit on hand and the necessary equipment like reef booties, for when you need them.

The Surfers First Aid Kit

Surf Indonesia has created The Surfers First Aid Kit to provide you with the essential tools you need for basic first aid while cutting out the fillers you don’t. Their first aid kit is tried and tested by surfers to meet the needs of surfing, not only in Indonesia but around the world, so you don’t get stuck with a stock standard first aid kit that doesn’t provide you with much useful or worse, nothing at all!

The Surfers First Aid Kit features a very well-thought-out collection of quality items. Items like Hemostatic Gauze which is a revolutionary cellulose-based material that accelerates the blood clotting process to save you days or weeks of recovery time. The sea urchin spin probe and high precision tweezers remove spines quickly and easily.

There’s adhesive stretch dressing for use on frequently mobile and highly contoured parts of the body and much more to ensure you’re well prepared.

To see what you get in The Surfers First Aid Kit head over to Surf Indonesia to find out more.

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Inside the kit

surfers first aid kit outside
inside the surfers first aid kit

Inside you'll find everything prepacked that you need to make sure you're prepared.

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