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Which Carver Surfskate Truck Should You Get?

Surfskating can elevate your surfing skills to new heights when you’re landlocked, and Carver delivers the best skateboards. Learn why.

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Surf skating is one of the best ways for surfers to practice and improve on land. That’s why we have two programs specifically aimed at improving your skating skills: Surf Skate Foundations and Surf Skate Advanced. If you’re curious which skateboard brands we honor during our courses, let us tell you in no uncertain terms that we only work with Carver skateboards.

Why? Well, as can be derived from the wonderful Surf Hacks conversation between our head coach Clayton Nienaber and presenter Anthony Laye, the Carver skateboards are most compatible with the OMBE method. Although there are certain skateboard brands whose products are easier to learn, turn, generate speed, and pull off tricks on, only the Carver will provide you with the sensation you get when riding a wave.

Before delving into which Carver surfskates model you should choose in accordance with your wants and needs, though, let’s first give you a bit of introduction to the brand.

The History of Carver Skateboards

carver surfskate

Since its conception in 1996 by Greg Falk and Neil Carver, Carver has consistently played a major role in bringing the modern surfskate movement forward thanks to the innovative and meticulous design of their boards.

Considering that Greg and Neil decided to found a surfskate company on a day when they couldn’t find a surfable wave, it’s plausible that they had no other choice either. They were either going to come up with a skateboard that provided you with something akin to pure surf, or they were going to travel the world in search of surfable ways all year round. What they did was the former.

The relevance and excellence of their boards aren’t only about their ability to create surf-inspired shapes. Throughout their existence on the market, they have worked with some of the most influential surfboard brands, including Channel Islands. If you know that Channel Islands (a.k.a. Al & Terry Merrick) was responsible for many innovations that took place in the world of surfboard-shaping in the late 1960s and early 1970s, such collaborations will make even more sense to you.

Nowadays, their skateboard catalog entertains all kinds of options, all of which include innovative truck systems and grippy roundhouse wheels that ensure a joyous feeling even though you aren’t riding waves.

Let’s see what kind of truck systems Carver employs on their boards and which is the most suitable option to improve your surfing.

Innovative Carver Trucks

C5 Street Surf Truck

c5 street surf truck

You’ve conquered reefs, points, and beaches all across the world? You’ve surfed and busted airs on all kinds of waves there are, whether they were plunging to create amazing barrels or spilling mushy foam for a tranquil yet fun ride? You’ve climbed all kinds of steep waves and made sharp cutbacks to the awe of nautical wildlife?

Well then, if you’re asking what’s next, maybe it’s time for you to surf the streets and try to replicate the skills and tricks you displayed on waves. And if you’re looking for a skateboard that’s suitable for some trickster rides, you should look no further than the Carver models that feature a C5 Street Surf Truck.

This particular Carver delivers speed, and it was designed for easing ollies and flips. So, when it’s time to climb a ramp and hang in the air, it will be one of your best friends. Moreover, the shorter and narrower design entertains a low center of gravity, giving it more pump, pop, and, with no puns intended, carve.

The fact that its design specifically emphasizes high levels of maneuverability, however, renders it unfit for beginner surfers and surfskaters. Additionally, those who have a more flowing surfing (and skating) style might find it too agile for their liking.

Check Out Carver C5 Street Surf Truck

C7 Surfskate Truck

c7 surfskate truck

Nowadays, there are more and more surfers who prefer to go fast down the surf line, climb up the ramp of the wave, and have snappy turns and cutbacks. Yet, we believe that it’s the opposite of what good surfing means, and it’s not befitting the OMBE method at all.

Surfing is a spectacle, so it should be easy on the eye. In other words, you should have style. Moreover, surfing requires you to be one with the wave and flow with it. These are only possible by slowing down and delaying turns.

If that’s what you seek and how you want to improve, then the C7, which ensures a smooth and flowing ride, should be your go-to surfskate truck.

Check Out Carver C7 Surfskate Truck

CX Surfskate Truck

cx surfskate truck

Of course, doing sharp turns, riding with pop, or having a quick and snappy ride is not everybody’s preference, so the C5 can’t satisfy all, nor can you expect everyone to enjoy or at least master flow in their surfing and skating with the C7. In those cases, Carver’s engineering has you covered with their latest truck: the CX.

The reverse kingpin CX is basically a hybrid truck that aims to bring style and flow together. Thanks to its lightweight reverse kingpin hanger, it allows you stability and control on the rail, but also, due to its unique geometry (it’s a patented technology), it enables you to pull off aerial maneuvers.

Wrapping Up…

No matter your aspirations as a surfer or a skater, Carver has a model for you, thanks to their meticulously designed trucks that cover every aspect. If you want speed and sharpness, the C5 is there for you. If you want style and smoothness, you can’t find any better truck than the C7. If you want to have a taste of both worlds, the CX was designed for that purpose.

Once you decide on your style, you should also make sure to check out other determining features of a skateboard, such as its length and the characteristics of the terrain you’re going to ride it. Luckily, the Carver website has a board selector guide for that, so you can make a well-informed purchase.

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