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You're only as good as how well you can surf bad conditions

A reason to remind yourself every time the surf isn't firing and how to identify your weaknesses. If you are struggling with something, it's an indicator that is a big weakness for you.

When was the last time you surfed terrible conditions and came away from it feeling good or that you had improved?

I was coaching a student this week, in 1ft swell, onshore, doubling up, rainy and cold. Miserable conditions. They turned and looked at me in utter frustrations and said this sucks, the waves suck, if the waves were clean then I could practice things.

I expressed to them, "you're only as good as how well you can surf bad conditions". They slowly changed the way they saw the surf and thought I can't keep making exucses. After another 15 minutes, they paddled over and said this sucks because I don't know where to sit, I can't read the waves.

This become a massive lightbulb moment for them. To instantly realise what one of the major things holding you back and using the worst of conditions to train.

The rest of the session was spent on observing the treasure map, reading the waves and they found by simply slowing down, watching more they could place themselves in the pocket more often and find waves.


Ask yourself what do the bad conditions highlight in your surfing and what do they allow you to work on? Focus on that one thing for the entire surf and enjoy the opportunity!

Written by
Luke Hardacre
surf coaching