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Surf Coaching

It’s no secret that even the biggest names in surfing have coaches and aid their development. In this article, we are going to cover what surfing coaches can do for you at every level.

Surf coaching is something that every surfer in the world should consider if they are serious about their craft. Even as a hobbyist, you can benefit from some coaching. There are loads of different programs and coaching styles, so there is something out there for everyone. 

Surfing as a sport and as art is impossible to master. There is no point when you know all there is to know and are able to do everything. That being said, even if you’re to establish a good foundation, you will have to spend a lot of time honing your skills. In other words, surfing is not something that you get good at overnight. 

Yes, some are more apt for it than others, and some surfers progress quicker than others, but in the end, everybody has to put the time in. At OMBE, we take all of our experience and mileage and put it towards your growth. This way, you know that you’re the best version of yourself that you can possibly be at every stage of your journey. 

Coaching for Beginners

As a beginner surfer, the art of surfing might seem overwhelming. There is so much to cover that it might lead to some irrational fears.

This is why it’s very important to get things right from the get-go. Having someone with expertise to guide you is invaluable. This goes for everyone, but especially beginners. Novice surfers need a safe and nurturing environment in which they will be able to grow their skills without straying from their goals. 

Sometimes it’s very difficult to navigate how to get to your surfing goals. You will feel stuck, out of place, and plateau.  

You might want to opt for classes where you learn the basics and some moves, but if you’ve followed any pro sport, you’ve seen that every athlete that competes at a professional level is coached throughout. 

The norm at most schools is to get you equipped with some fundamentals, but that’s about it. There is no plan in place for you to extend your skills and knowledge to a professional level.

At OMBE, we do things differently: before we make the very first step on your training, we have the end goal in sight. 

With the OMBE method, you will go from a complete beginner to a surfer that is able to hang with the best of them. You also get professional feedback from seasoned veterans on a monthly basis.

Coaching for Veterans

Sometimes veteran surfers see coaching as a thing that’s beneath them because they might think that it makes it seem like they have a weak point in their surf. 

The truth is that we all do. We all have areas in which we can improve in. It’s just a matter of addressing it or letting it slide. 

By catering to a personally developed program just for you, you are sure to excel beyond your wildest dreams. 

This does come at a price and is probably the option that is going to take the most dedication and time, but by having a personal coach that follows your progress and has a development plan just for you, you are giving yourself the absolute best chance in ascending to the next level. 

Coaching for Advanced Surfers and Professionals

Coaching for Advanced Surfers and Professionals

If you are an advanced surfer already but are certain that you will benefit from a great coach, your head is in the right place. 

There are expert coaches that focus on certain aspects of the surf. You can have lessons with a coach that specializes in paddling and strength development, for instance. 

Here you won’t be going through exercises that will feature wave catching, trimming, speed or awareness. 

These specialized classes are very narrow but also go very deep. It’s a good approach for surfers that already have a good all-around understanding and foundation of the surf. 

Maybe you are having no trouble with paddling out, but you want to hone in on some advanced surf moves such as bottom turns

In that case, you want to seek out a technique coach and not an endurance and strength coach. Yes, all of these things exist and are on the table for pretty much everyone that is able to afford them. 

Choose four-hour sessions on a weekly basis or have a daily program that monitors your every last move. 

Coaching Styles

The caveat here is that different coaches have different coaching styles, and one size does not fit all. Some people improve much more when they are hit with adversity, and some need a calm breeding ground. 

Unfortunately, no one else can figure this out but you. The most difficult thing is to start your journey. Once you have made up your mind that you want to be coached at a one-on-one level, then you will find your perfect match. It’s just a matter of time. 

The OMBE Method

The OMBE Method combines everything we know about surfing, training, and surf practices under one roof. We have carefully constructed a four-week guide that will take you from establishing your fundamentals to managing your body in terms of optimal health and conditioning. 

We’ve divided our program into four different aspects so that you can digest them easily and familiarize yourself with what we have to offer. Take a look at what the Ocean, Mind, Body, and Equipment aspects have in store for you.

Video Analysis

A frequently overlooked aspect of coaching and improving is video analysis. There are surfing experts and coaches that will put you through a series of tests and monitor your body throughout. 

By reviewing videos of you performing your moves from different angles, they are able to get a better understanding of where you might need improvement and how to address the situation. 

This is very helpful because when you go in to study the film together, you can pause, stop, rewind, and dissect everything up until the last drop.  

At OMBE, we offer professional video analysis regardless of your proficiency level or age. Simply fill out our questionnaire, upload a video on the waves and wait for some professional feedback. 

Student Profiles

Surf Student Profiles

Professional surfing coaches have profiles for their students. By building a personal surfer profile on you and your skills, the coach is able to track everything back to the very first day and see how you are improving during different sprouts and exercise regimens. 

The fact that there are different ways to develop the same techniques doesn’t make things less complicated, but it also makes for more options because sometimes the most common approaches just don’t work for you. 


When choosing a surf coach, it’s paramount to take a look at their student-to-coach ratio and take a look at some of their students. 

You don’t want to book yourself in with a coach that has a dozen students because they can’t possibly focus on you as much as they would like to. 

Instead, go for a coach that has a roster of five or fewer students. This will strike the perfect balance between dedicated support and off time. 

It goes without saying that the best coaches, those with impressive student track records, will have a lot of students in line for their classes. 

Sometimes, it’s better to stand in line and give it a month or two than to sign up with a coach that isn’t as good. 


Apart from technique and skill, coaches can help you a lot when it comes to building your surf rig. 

They will be able to address your form and recommend different boards and equipment that will benefit your development. 

So, instead of spending endless days and nights scouring the internet for options on boards and rigs, you can leave that in the hands of a professional coach that has years, if not decades, of experience. 

In Closing…

Surf coaching has a lot of aspects of it and is sometimes hard to define. Surf coaches offer and cover everything from surf fitness, video analysis, and surf forecasts to proper technique development and wave knowledge.

Most of all, surfing coaches can make you fall in love with the waves all over again. When you plateau, you lose your stride.

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Nico Palacios
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